A downloadable game for Windows

An hour long satirical look on RPG Maker fangames and rushed FNaF clones.

It's 2016, Freddy's Funtime Family Diner For Fun Kids and Fantastic Foods Foundry has reopened with a new name- Foxy's Furry Feast For Families including Filling Foods. Or Foxy's Diner for short. After a freak accident 5 years ago, where an unknown person burned the Diner and the three animatronics. Bonnie, Freddy, and Chica. You play as Guard and his friend Shaun during his first night at the newly reopened Diner. After the building begins collapsing, Guard and his buddy Shaun need to escape the restaurant before it escapes.. on them... oh... sorry. While escaping the Diner, Shaun and Guard learn secrets about the diner, the fire, and themselves. In this game, some secrets should be kept secrets.

Naked Shopkeepers

Mutated Furries

Youtube Personalities

Healthy Dildos

A magical toaster

Evil pizzas

A hook covered in literal shit



Note 12/29/18: The itch.io version of Four Nights 7 is out of date, for all current and future updates, download the game from Gamejolt at this link:


Install instructions

1. Download the RPG Maker VX ACE run time package here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages

2. Extract FN7

3. Open the file "Game.exe"

4. Enjoy! I mean, enjoy it as much as you can enjoy a game like this.


FN7.rar 104 MB


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Referencing this as a worthy example for "Indigestible Jam"- 

'A satirical game parodying rushed RPGmaker games,  contains a lot of references to online content, other RPG maker games, and YouTube streamers, as well as making jokes you won’t get if you’ve never played Off, Lisa, Five Nights at Freddy’s (indigestible for non-( specific type of indie RPG playing ) public). The game uses music and visuals from these games too.'

-Also played it good work 👍